getting ready to perform

getting ready to perform
State finals in Fort Collins, Colorado

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

BAd blogger!!!!

SOrry I'm such a bad blogger! Ass usual we have been crazy busy with school and work and of course Connor is starting his 2nd year of marching band so that takes up 3 evenings and most weekends from now through October. Beautiful new 35,000 Un iforms this year. I am busy with my college classes and go back and forth on a weekly or daily basis of feeling overwhelmed or in control of what i need to do for the week! I am building a wiki as an asignment for my teaching with technology class which I learned is alot like a blog but supposedly easier... it is once I understand how things work suchas imbedding. If anyone is interested you can check it out at leaunateaches.wikispaces.com. Connor has his trip to California the end of December to perform in th Rose bowl so that is exciting. He just turned 15 Sunday and Friday Night we had 29 kids at our clubhous efor a party. Most of them had to be pu at 7 am to be at the school by 7:45 for band. Thier young.... They had fun and were well behaved except when frosting began flying around and I had the pleasure of cleaning that out of the carpet! thats about iy Working at Beau Bella salon allmost a year there now and 3rd year at Metro State. Hope all is well with everyone.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

News From Connor

This is the news I hear from the Packs. Connor and Leauna are both back in school and keeping VERY busy. Leauna's doing hair as well as working the concession stands at Bronco games to help Connor earn money for marching band. This is his new uniform. They FINALLY bought new ones. The band was still wearing the uniforms that were bought when I was a sophomore and in marching band. So, they were about......14 years old!!!YUCK!!! He has also informed me that he will be auditioning for the Cavaliers a drum and bugle corp in Illinois!!! The auditions are in November and December. Of course, he has to keep his grades up and earn the money, so GOOD LUCK!! He's also working hard at learning his music for the HS marching band this fall as well as the music for the national marching band he's marching with in the Rose Parade. Band of America 2009 Honor Band. WHEW!!! And he just told me he's getting started on his Eagle Project - collecting goods for a local charity. GO CONNOR!!!! Now, when Leauna fills me in on her life, I'll let you know! LOVE YOU!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

So, guess who's gained access to Leaunas blog!!! Yeah!! So, for all of you who have anxiously been waiting, here's a little bit...These are a few pictures Connor took on his trip here. This is a favorite of mine, I love Abo's face!
A giant Jackalope they saw in Wyoming...yes, they ARE real!!!
A few pictures from Yellowstone. They stopped through here on their way to visit. They even saw a BEAR!

Well, that's it for now, I'll figure out why Leauna's had such difficulty getting a post up, and we'll get her goin' again!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I just had to say Linniea looked hot Sunday!!! Congrats to Arwin for surviving BYU and graduating This weekend!!!! YOu go girl!

Fire at Bear Creek!!!!

Connor is so happy!! School was canceled for the rest of the week. He was gone to fort collins with the rest of the band for the state competition and on their way back they started getting text messages saying their was a fire in the small gym. It will be a miracle if they make it untill the end of next year for the new school. This is the third fire or electrical blowout in a year. They were allready off Wensday because the juniors were taking Acts and Friday so all they are really missing is Thursday. I might make him go to school with me hehe....he would cry. Anyways I have 3 more weeks and ya all need to pray for me because I tell youi what, I have a group who only half of us are doing our part and I question wether we will get a decent grade or not. Scareing me right now. Finals and 2 more papers are due inthe next couple of weeks Then summer break!woohoo. I appreciate only working when school gets out! HOpe all is awesome and well with you all! Say hi!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

What a crazy week! I have a late midterm, a group project and tons of other homework to do along with work and family! Both me and Connor only have 5 and 6 weeks of school left! Yaaaa. We miss the Brock family alot but hear they are doing awesome so far in Arizona. We will survive, all will be well.

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